Have you got the time to run a business?

I can guarantee that, at some point, you’ll have thought about running your own business. Maybe you’ll have looked on enviously from your world of 9-5 at a friend who works for themselves, or just wondered what it might be like to enjoy a rewarding career filled with the freedom and flexibility of working from home. Then you start to do the maths. Running a business takes time. Time you don’t have because you have

50 Questions to ask your Franchisor.

When starting any business or new venture, asking questions is critical. And for us – it genuinely is the more the merrier. The British Franchise Association (BFA) has put together a series of 50 questions that anyone thinking of franchising should put to their potential Franchisor. We welcome these questions and indeed we are heartened when prospective franchisees get into the detail. You should never be afraid to ask these or any relevant questions. Carefully note

Discovery Day Questions

We are just back from our open days, which is where people who are beginning to think about starting their own franchised business come along meet us, our franchisees and find out more and the opportunity. As always there were a lot of questions and as is often the case the same ‘topics’ tend to come up more than once. So we have brought the most asked questions together bring them all together, because if they

Is Franchising For Me?

Are you at a stage in your career where you’re thinking about making a change? Maybe your job is not quite as satisfying as it once was. Maybe your family situation has changed with the arrival of your first child (and if so – congratulations!) or you’re moving to somewhere new. Whatever your reasons might be, you might find yourself considering franchising. Perhaps you know someone who is already a franchisee, who works from home. Chances

Worried about what happens after maternity leave finishes?

Maternity leave provides you with many things. Along with the excitement (not to mention the occasional bouts of discomfort, the sleepless nights and so on…!) you’ll often find yourself with time to think and reflect.  Not surprisingly, many women give their careers a good bit of thought. Whatever your situation before and during your maternity leave, you might find yourself weighing up what to do after it – and just how you’re going to cope!

Mum’s biggest regrets (and how to avoid them!)

“Regrets. I’ve had a few” sang Frank Sinatra. In fact, all parents seem to have at least one or two when it comes to reflecting back on the years spent bringing up their children. Of course, parenting brings an abundance of joys and things to be grateful for on a daily basis, but then there’s all that ‘other’ day-to-day life stuff which has to be catered for and so often seems to get in the

Working mums – stop being so hard on yourself!

We’ve all had those days where we feel under pressure. The pressure to perform. The pressure to conform. The pressure to be this mystical and wondrous ‘perfect mother’. The cook, the carer, the educator, the super-stylish and sassy parent with a saucepan full of carefully chosen, nutritious food in one hand and a happy, healthy child in the other. This pressure is a real and often upsetting feeling which can leave you feeling tired, frustrated

4 Reasons to Become a Franchisee

If you are thinking about taking more control of your time and setting up your own business then looking into a franchise might be a great place to start. With any new venture there is a lot to think about, so often it makes sense to start something with a proven model that already has a track record – especially if you’re a mum or a dad on the look-out for something new, that can