81 Minute Parenting

It’s the dilemma facing every working mother – how to devote enough time to their children, while juggling career demands, running a household… and everything else that they do! A recent study showed that in Britain, those who work outside the home spend on average one hour 21 minutes a day looking after their families – including meal times. Stay-at-home mothers managed almost twice as much time directly caring for their children, with 2 hours

So Your First Business Didn’t Work

So your first business didn’t work? Running business is hard – really hard and the simple truth of the matter that for those brave enough to take that first step – often the second step is a backward one. But first things first just because your first foray in being your won boss didn’t work out as you wanted does not make you a failure. Think about it why should something you did for the

Million Dollar Baby….

Raring2go! Aberdeen City & Shire magazine hits a massive milestone in Spring 2016 as its ONE MILLIONTH copy hits the streets. It’s a big deal for us at Raring2go! towers and one we feel a need to shout about. If you’re wondering why we’re so excited, let me tell you … It shows that Raring2go! has legs, potential and capacity to provide a brilliant income for its franchisees.

Is it really all about the MONEY MONEY MONEY?

I know we work because we need the income a job delivers. I also know that sometimes we work in jobs that we don’t much care for. When though, a choice is made to work for yourself is income the main consideration or are other factors just as important?

A camel is a horse designed by committee…..

Not many people know this, but I am a massive fan of the original Mini. The Mini’s creator, Sir. Alec Issigonis was an incredibly successful automotive engineer enjoying success with the Morris Minor first before he gifted the world with his petrol championing Mini. What has this got to do with anything you may ask? Well, Sir Alec when he was still just plain Alec once coined the phrase ‘a camel is a horse designed