Don’t be afraid to start your own business

Don’t be afraid to start your own business

Have you found yourself mulling over whether or not you could star a business? Has this been something you’ve been considering for a while?

Now here’s another question for you – why haven’t you taken any decisive action yet? What’s holding you back from getting that business started? What are you afraid of?

If there’s a fear that’s stopping you from making those first steps into the world of entrepreneurship then don’t worry – you’re not alone! Nine times out of ten, that fear is a fear of failure – of everything going wrong. A fear of the risks being bigger and far more difficult to cope with than you’re capable of handling.

What are you afraid of?

It could be that you worry whether or not people out there will actually want to buy you’re selling – or even if you could ever actually be any good at selling in the first place. Or is money a worry? Can you earn enough to pay for your family and keep them happy?

These fears grow and grow – and they hold you back. As soon as you even think about the very notion of starting a business for yourself, your mind rubbishes the whole idea, tells you it’s ridiculous and sends you off to do something far more comfortable instead!

That is all pretty natural but those fear can be conquered and many people do.

Thing is, if you look deep enough, you’ll find that your fears are just that – fears. They’re not tangible – you can’t hold them in your hand, they’re not going to hurt you. They’re just a blockage in your thinking, and the best news is that you have the power to get around them!

First of all, know where to start. What is it that you want to do? What do you want your own business to look like? Visualise it and think about it for a moment. Then find out more about that field of business. There will always be someone out there who has done it first, or has done something very similar at least. Do your research and find out more about them and their business – and importantly, how they succeeded. In doing so, you’re taking the first steps and giving yourself a blueprint for success! Next, realise that failure is not something you should fear. Truly! Yes, it can be uncomfortable but it’s something you can turn into an opportunity. Something to learn from. It’s all about your attitude towards it – and how you safeguard against it.

By finding and choosing a proven business model – something that is known to work – you needn’t fear failure at all. You’re not about to lose all your money and possessions.

Instead of living in fear, start planning to live with success! Once you’ve found a business that suits you and what you want, you need a business plan to move you forward. You need goals to achieve – and you’ll soon find that by planning and working towards smaller, achievable goals, you’re bringing the bigger overarching goals closer and closer by the day. As you work through your plan you’ll discover what you need to learn along the way, who you need to work with to help things along, the right things to do again and the things to do less of. You’ll be succeeding, and using that success to take you and your business forward.

Exciting, isn’t it?

See, there’s no reason to be afraid when it comes to starting your own business – but there’s every reason to be excited and take the plunge! Even if you are feeling fearful, you can use that fear to drive you forward and make those first steps to changing your life for the better – to taking control.

A business opportunity to be excited about

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With Raring2go! you can earn money doing something genuinely fulfilling and enjoyable. If you want to take a look and see if this might be the business opportunity that gets you going, then take a look at our Raring2go! information pack

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