How to choose a franchise that suits your skills and goals

How to choose a franchise that suits your skills and goals

If you’re on the look-out for the right franchise opportunity, it can feel like a bit of a minefield. As you carefully step over or around each opportunity that comes your way, you might find yourself a little baffled as to which one is going to work for you.

The best place to start is to take a breath and ask yourself a couple of questions.  By doing so, you’ll narrow the field down and experience something more illuminating than explosive.

What are your goals?

As you research your way through all the franchises out there, ask yourself what you want. Or to quote the Spice Girls, what you really, really want. On a day to day basis. By the end of this year. In life. What is your goal in life and what do you want to spend your time doing?

It could be that you want the freedom to go on holiday every year. It could be that you want to spend more time with your young family or loved ones. It could even be that you want to go trekking through South America for 6 months!

At this point though you have to be honest – really honest.  It’s dead easy to end up working for someone else’s goals too many people say it’s all about the money when actually they would be happy to earn less and have more freedom.

Your goal will be specific to you but you’ll only ever achieve it if you take action and plan how to get there. If you don’t, it remains simply that – a goal.

But once you know your goals, you can start to make those all-important plans to achieve them. Your long-term goals can then be broken down into achievable, short-term goals that can link together to make the big things happen. Get to know those goals inside out, write them down and plan to make them happen.

Only once you have got to that point can you choose the right franchise opportunity. It has to fit.

What skills do you already have?

Okay then – time for another question, and a further bit of self-assessment. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt! Think about the skills you have. You have plenty! What have you learned in previous jobs? What are you best at doing? What do you know lots about? And importantly – what do you enjoy doing?

Often this is the hardest point because you tend to see yourself as the person that did XYZ job, i.e. what you are good at is account management – my skills are being good at managing accounts.  Where as, what you are really good at as an account manager is talking to people, being organised, building realtionships, working well under pressure etc etc.

A great way to start he is ask a friend – or colleague and get them to tell you what they think your skills really are

You need a franchise opportunity that matches your skills and knowledge. When researching franchise opportunities you should consider how each one works – and what you’ll need to do to make it succeed. Are you prepared to sell? How do you feel about being your own boss? Do you have skills in marketing? How organised are you?

Even if you feel you only have some of the required skills, that needn’t be a problem.  Good franchises offer both initial training and, crucially, ongoing support.  Ask the question, find out how the franchise supports its franchisees. What kind of training do they offer? What resources will you have to hand?

Just don’t sign up to the first opportunity that comes your way. Weigh it up and make sure that it’s right for you. Don’t commit yourself until you’re sure that the franchise in question matches your aims and goals.

At Raring2go! our franchise opportunity offers you so much. It gives you the opportunity to both work at home and be part of a larger team and support network. It gives you a chance to be creative, to share ideas and to put already tried and tested models for success into action.

Our franchise is beautifully flexible and enables you to work the hours you want and earn money doing something genuinely fulfilling and enjoyable. And if you want to find out how it can potentially match your goals and make the most of your skills, then take a look at our Raring2go! information pack or give us a call – like all the big steps in life, often the best place to start is with a chat 01273 447101.

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