How to work – and break – smarter. It’s all about balance.

How to work – and break – smarter. It’s all about balance.

So as we come toward the end of the year and people look back on what they have done, can you say you got the balance right in 2016? But what is the right balance? Here’s a couple of questions for you – what’s the right amount of work to do in a day? And how much downtime should you be factoring in too?

Is it all about ploughing through the whole eight hours of a nine-to-five routine with a quick half hour for lunch? Or are you someone who likes to work at fits and starts throughout the day, and finds you get more done in the evenings (and then probably wishes you hadn’t)

Everyone knows that taking breaks is good for productivity and focus, but break too long and you find yourself rushing to catch up with what you need to achieve before the day is out. Don’t break enough and you get exhausted and cranky, and your attention starts to wander.

Recharge and refresh your brain!

It’s a tricky balance, so thank goodness someone has put the research in to uncover exactly how to make the most of your working day! Recently, researchers at the University of Toronto took a look at the lunch break patterns of office workers and discovered that skipping a lunchbreak, or not taking one properly, reduced productivity.

This research was then followed by a study conducted by social networking experts the Draugiem Group, who used a time-tracking app to monitor working habits and find out how the most productive employees get stuff done so well.

What they found out was fascinating, and their evidence showed that the most productive workers weren’t the ones who sat chained to their desks working longer than everyone else. In fact, many of them didn’t even work for full eight-hour days.

What they did do was take plenty of breaks; for every 52 minutes spent working, they would step away from their computers and phones and take a 17-minute break. This gave their brains time to refresh and recharge and as a result, each work block of 52 minutes was highly productive.

However, the key to success wasn’t just to take regular breaks, it was to spend them wisely. The study showed that the most productive workers spent those 17 minutes completely away from their computers – taking a walk, having a chat or even relaxing with a book. The breaks had to be screen-free for maximum effectiveness.

Now, this is all well and good you say but is your boss about to give you the licence to keep breaking throughout the day and wander about with a book in your hand? Maybe. Possibly not. However, if you work for yourself then you get to do things your way. You get to fine-tune your productivity and break when you need to.

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We think you’ll  like what you have to read, and see for yourself that if you’re willing to work hard – keeping an eye on that all important productivity balance of course – then there are some fantastic rewards to be made.

If you fancy taking control of how you work, then we’d love to hear from you!

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