Is there no such thing as a job for life anymore?

Is there no such thing as a job for life anymore?

It’s been said for quite some time now, but the days of a ‘job for life’ are behind us. That’s not to make a drama out of the current job scene, it’s more a statement that shows how things have evolved.

A survey carried out by pension firm LV found that workers starting careers today are likely to move through as many as nine different jobs during their working lives, and experience at least one complete career change. Other figures estimate that during 48 years of employment the average worker will change jobs every five years.


Well, a good deal of it is to do with ambition. Many of these workers will be looking to advance their careers or increase their salary. Of course, a good deal of it can also be down to wanting a fresh challenge. Research carried out by Magnet Trade revealed that no less that 60% of workers were unhappy in their current job. Given those figures, it’s hardly surprising that some jobs are now more transitional.

Job satisfaction

But wouldn’t it be nice to settle into something? To feel that you’ve landed on something good, something that keeps you hooked? Those who stay in roles for longer and experience grater job satisfaction are those who work in a profession that they enjoy and know that they are good at. In that sense, it’s not only a job for life but a job that is good for your life. Many of you are looking for that one job that keeps you happy. Happy in what you do, where you do it and how you do it.

A career that truly suits you, one that you feel more inclined to stick at because you enjoy it and you want to do it. And one where your day to day activity builds into an asset that can be sold when the time is right.

So – is that you? Are you looking for something new? Something to enjoy working on?

Take control

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