The Rise of the Mumpreneur

The Rise of the Mumpreneur

Some people really dislike the word, but for many it sums them up perfectly. Either way you can’t ignore the rise of the Mumpreneur.

If becoming a mumpreneur is something you’re considering, then you’ll find yourself in amongst some very good company here in the UK.

For the uninitiated, it’s a term being applied to female business owners who also happen to own and run their own businesses while simultaneously being the mothers to children aged 18 or under.

The Mum Economy contributed a huge £7.2bn to the UK purse in 2014 according to a report by Development Economics, commissioned by eBay. It’s a fast-growing sector too, with the figure set to soar to £9.5bn by 2025 when it’s estimated that mumpreneurs will support 217,600 jobs across the country.

It’s a rate that appears to far outpace the growth of mumpreneurship anywhere else in the world.

Flexible business and lifestyle opportunities

The widespread availability of better digital connectivity across the country seems to be a key factor in the rise of entrepreneurial businesswoman more work can be done when the time allows rather than being constricted to the 9 – 5. Working from home comes with many benefits, and being in business for yourself allows you to flexibly fit work commitments around your every day duties.

Sure, there’s no doubt that starting and running a business is not far behind being a mother when it comes to demands on your time and energy. However, many mothers are taking the plunge and realising that with a little ambition, determination and business savvy, it’s possible to combine the two to both start and grow a successful and impressive business while devoting sufficient time to bringing up a child or children properly and enjoying the many benefits and rewards of parenting to the full.

Raring2go! offers you the opportunity to join this hugely exciting growth sector and to become a successful business owner on your own terms. The majority of our franchisees are working mums with children of their own, who have taken the opportunity to run a business and successfully manage family life at the same time.

With us, you’ll get to enjoy running your own company, generate a solid income and still have time to work around your family time. There are now over 50 editors around the UK who utilise the Raring2go! business model to produce their own local guides for families with kids in their local area and the number continues to grow. While not exclusively for women (there are a few Dads in amongst that fabulous 50+ too!), the working mothers within our ranks are each a prime example of the rise of successful mumpreneurs in the UK.

So, if you reckon you’ve got what it takes to take on a fresh challenge and become a successful business-owning Mum, then why not click here for a copy of our new Raring2go! information pack.

Take a look, take your time and if you think it’s what you’re after, then we’d love to hear from you.

Who knows you might be the next mumpreneur waiting to happen!

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