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How much does it cost to buy a Raring2go! franchise?

We offer three purchase options for a Raring2go! franchise. These are: Platinum £15,995 + VAT Gold £9,995 + VAT Silver £6,995 + VAT Our areas are all similar in size and potential. What each package includes determines the difference in price of each one. So, our Platinum package includes all costs for the first four magazines and the first 12 months of license fees. Our Gold package includes all costs for the first two magazines and the first 6 months of license fees. Our Silver package includes all costs for the first magazine and the first 3 months of licence fees.

Do I need working capital?

You will need a small amount of working capital when you start to see you through the first quarter of your first year of operation. But you will generate ongoing working capital as you develop your Raring2go! business. Your regular overheads are low, in fact even lower in your first year of trading because of our innovative start up packages. So, the amount you need to allocate to working capital depends on which of our packages - Platinum, Gold or Silver – that you choose. Raring2go! is a fully fledged proven business that can be successfully run from your home on extremely low overheads.

How much money can I make?

After the hard work of setting your business up we would envisage you earning £20,000 to £30,000 in year one and growing your income each subsequent year. Remember that your overheads are very low. Many of our franchisees work around 24 hours a week on average, so the potential to earn more is entirely in your hands. Additionally, if you exploit all the online advertising revenue streams from the outset you can expect to earn more. You can generate a 6 figure income if you are serious about growing your business and investing the effort that this entails.

Do I have to learn how to design a magazine?

The choice is yours. Some of our franchisees design their own magazine using industry standard packages such as InDesign to reflect their own personality and creativity - using our proven design templates which have made our magazines iconic. Other franchisees choose to outsource design to a professional designer freeing up more time to focus on advertising sales and growing their business. We can connect you with a bank of tried and tested designers that we use. Each designer knows our model and operates within a specified pricing structure.

How do I find clients to advertise with me?

We are skilled at building databases of local businesses that are a good fit for advertising in Raring2go! At your induction training we will show you how to do this for your area so that you can build a database of businesses and target them with a strong and appealing proposition. You will use our in-house customer relationship management system to manage all your data including scheduling and making notes so your contacts are safely stored in one place and accessible from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

How do I distribute my magazine?

Our main distribution channel is through primary schools. During your induction training, we will walk you through our tried, tested, and proven formula to getting schools on board. You will also distribute your magazines in sports centre’s, bookshops, libraries, retailers, nursery schools and other venues that attract parents. We provide you with eye catching fully branded magazine dispensers to leave at these venues.

What support / training will I receive?

Our induction training is comprehensive and designed to ensure you are confident in all aspects of running your Raring2go! business. You will receive training and ongoing guidance in using all our back-room systems including our client relationship management system and our franchise management system. You will learn new skills using our content management system for the website and will learn about using social media platforms as part of the full suite of marketing products that you offer to potential advertisers. You will receive ongoing support from our head office team from day one. We are on hand between 9 to 5pm five days a week to respond to your needs and offer support guidance and advice.

Do Raring2go! franchisees work together?

Yes. You are undoubtedly the boss of your own company but are still part of a wider regional team working alongside one another. We are a collaborative network. In fact, many of our franchisees sell advertising on behalf of other franchisees. Franchisees meet regularly and in between they communicate on Zoom, WhatsApp, and other channels.

Do I have to live in the area in which my magazines are distributed?

Not necessarily but you must know the area and your territory inside out. Most of our franchisees operate from the areas they live in. This naturally gives them a detailed knowledge of their territory and an edge as our magazines and websites are hyper local.

Do I need a driving license?

Not for the day to day running of your business, but it is important that you can drive (or be driven) when it comes to magazine distribution and meeting customers.

Do I need sales and marketing experience?

Not necessarily, but you will benefit if you have a grasp of the basics of sales and marketing. However, we cover sales and marketing in our induction training, and it is an ongoing focus for training and mentoring. Having the right can do attitude, being willing to work hard and recognising the importance of delivering fantastic customer service are the three most important assets we look for.

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