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It all starts with a conversation

We recently sent out a very simple questionnaire and from the results we compiled this list. It’s a list of the main reasons that make people look very closely at buying a franchise like Raring2go!… it’s an interesting list. See how many resonate with you!

Here’s the list

1. Want a better ‘Life / Work’ balance

2. Want to take control of their working life

3. Progressed as far as they can in their job

4. Were made redundant

5. Returning to work after a career break

6. Don’t enjoy the job they do

7. Looking for a fresh challenge

8. Want to establish their identity

9. Want to start a business of their own

10. Want to be their own boss

11. Resent the daily trudge of the commute

12. Resent the cost of the daily commute

13. Resent not being around more for their children / family

14. Resent having to rely on family members for childcare

15. Resent the high costs of childcare

16. Have children with special needs

17. Looking to make a change and do something totally different

18. hey have an urge to scratch that ‘entrepreneurial’ itch

19. Desire to build a business of their own

20. Want to work more flexibly and enjoy other aspects of life

We’re sure there are other reasons too. But for most people sitting down with us to discuss buying a Raring2go! franchise, one of the above is what has pushed them our way in the first place.

We take the time to talk with prospects early on, so that we get to properly understand what their motives behind coming to us are. Instead of bombarding them with lots of facts, figures, forecasts, promises and a prospectus’s, to start with, we just listen. We listen carefully to what their key drivers are so we can assess if Raring2go! is a good fit for them (and just as importantly), if they are a good fit for Raring2go! It really is a a two way street with us. 

When we receive an email ‘lead’ in our inbox, we remind ourselves that ‘it all starts with a conversation’. In order to progress from being an email lead to a genuine prospect ‘it really does all start with a conversation’. So we pick up the phone or ask them to call us when convenient and we talk. We don’t pitch, rattle through a well trodden presentation about our opportunity or plug the features and benefits. No. We just listen carefully, asking lots of questions and answering many more.

When 99% of what our franchisees do on a daily basis involves and revolves around ‘conversation’, it’s logical that we start the process with new potential franchisees by engaging them in one.

If you’re ready and willing to have an informal chat with us about where you are, why you’re looking at a move into self employment (or self empowerment as we call it) we’re waiting for your call and looking forward to having that conversation with you.

Call us on 01273 447101, email us at or drop your details in here and we’ll call you straight back.

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