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Join the Raring2go! Family and create the perfect work-life balance with our Franchise Opportunity!

What is Raring2go! and what we do

Raring2go! is a long established, well respected quarterly magazine and website
It helps local families make the most of their family time together.
Franchisees make money selling advertising in their magazines and websites.
Raring2go! franchisees work around their family commitments from home.
Overheads are kept to a very low level
Franchisees enjoy 13 weeks of holiday per year with no child care concerns or costs.
They are the go-to resource for their local community looking to be inspired.
Raring2go! magazines and websites supports families providing ideas, suggestions and inspiration on spending quality family time together.
We connect local businesses looking to appeal to local families in our magazines pages and across our websites.
Our magazines are quality publications offering a great balance between revenue generating advertising and engaging, interesting editorial.
On average a Raring2go! franchisee works around 24 hours a week.
Our franchisees joined us because they desperately wanted to strike a decent life/work balance.

Who are we looking for

The answer is YOU, if:

You have experience or skills in sales and are not afraid of the phone
You really want to try and find your life work balance with flexible home working
You feel you get on well with people and can build relationships easily.
You have good communication skills and find it easy both talking and listening.
You’re currently at the glass ceiling in your current position and cant see a way up
You make your currently employer lots of money doing any of the above
You’re ready to take control and seize the day by becoming your own boss.
You don’t believe you have to sacrifice a career just because you have children
You are happy to work alone but at the same time as part of a brilliant team
You want to attend every school play, sports day and event involving your children.
You fancy taking every school holiday off and not worry about child care
You have the confidence and discipline to work hard to build your business
You know your local area well and have an existing support network

Our Sector

The Family market is huge and we operate in the middle of it.

Families spend money and businesses know this. This is why these businesses want to position themselves, products and services as directly as they can in the eyeline of families and why they are prepared to pay for the privilege.

A Raring2go! magazine and website franchise is a well placed carrier of these advertising messages to families from companies, brands and organisations.

Some headline numbers

In 2021 Advertising spend in the UK total around £32bn which was an increase of 34% on the previous year. 38% of small businesses spend on average between £1000 and £5000 per annum on marketing. Magazine advertising in the UK is worth some £500m. Digital advertising spend in the UK is worth £23.5bn per year.

What makes us different?

We’re confident in our product and service, as evidenced by positive feedback from schools, families, and advertisers. Our multi-channel publishing franchise sets a new standard, providing both print and digital content. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to deliver the best possible product and ensure our advertisers see a strong ROI. Our franchise model differs from the norm, with franchisees collaborating closely to support and sell each other’s editions of Raring2go!

What is a Franchise?

Franchising takes many different forms and crosses many varied sectors. From food to shoes and from estate agency to magazine publishing, there is an entire franchise eco system operating profitably right on your doorstep. In essence franchising is where one business sells another business or individual the right to sell its products or services in return for regular payment. It’s a more reliable route to business ownership than a stand alone start up but it will still require effort and hard work.

What our franchisees do

Our franchisees have a 12-week production cycle that includes sales, design, admin, and delivery. We seek confident individuals who can prospect and sell advertising. Our multi-channel approach positions advertisers in front of families through magazines, websites, and social media. We are trusted as the go-to guide for families.

Got questions? We have answers!

Let's have a chat and see if Raring2go! is the right fit for you.


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