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So now we’ve given you a glimpse of what Raring2go! is all about, let’s look at the next steps

The pace of our conversations about you starting a Raring2go! franchise will be set by YOU. Have a look below for an outline of what the next steps might look like…

1. Let’s have a conversation

It all starts with a conversation. So, get in touch and let’s talk. We will answer your initial questions, send you examples of our magazines and an application form. We call this the ‘getting to know you better’ stage.

Get in touch

2. Let’s meet

The next stage is arranging to meet at our offices in Sutton Coldfield, online or closer to your home if getting to the Midlands is an issue. Come alone or bring your partner. At this meeting we will drill into the nuts and bolts of the Raring2go! business proposition. Before meeting you will have been asked to complete a very standard non-disclosure agreement. This offers us a level of protection and safeguards any sensitive information we share with you.

3. Speaking with other Raring2go! franchisees

It is time now for you to do your research. We will give you the contact details of some Raring2go! franchisees, leaving you to choose who to speak to and the questions to ask. This is important because it enables you to find out more directly from franchisees that are doing what you will hopefully be doing soon! We will also begin working on the fundamentals of your business plan.

4. Legals and Financials

Time to meet again. At this meeting we will decide together if we are right for one another. Both of us must be certain that all the pieces of the puzzle are on the table and fit snugly together. If the answer is an unequivocal yes, we will provide a copy of our standard franchise agreement for you to have reviewed by a solicitor experienced in franchising. We will also introduce you to the specialist franchise banks if appropriate.

5. Time to kick start your Raring2go! business

Now you will be asked to sign the franchise agreement, pay the franchisee fee and book onto your induction training. Of course, this marks the exciting point at which you begin a brand-new chapter in your life, hopefully your best one yet as a brand new Raring2go! business owner.

Got questions? We have answers!

Let's have a chat and see if Raring2go! is the right fit for you.


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