Has the train been a pain?

Were you late again for work today? Did the trains cause you enough early morning delay that it set you up for a stressful day? Or was the train home late and causing you to miss something important like a school open evening or time to enjoy unwinding with your family?

No matter what your chosen mode of transport, train, bus or driving, there is little doubt that the daily commute is often stressful and always expensive. This perhaps explains why more and more people are looking at flexible working options in order to avoid the dreaded daily commute and the cost, both material and physical.

Some employers are excellent and accept requests from employees to work flexibly from home for part of the working week. This reduces stress, removes physical cost and in the main results in time savings for all as well as greater productivity. But not all employers do this and sadly many employees are left with the prospect of an early morning schlepp to their place of work and then the same in reverse home.

This is where a home-based franchise business like Raring2go! comes into its own.

Raring2go! has 50 franchisees who work remotely from home in their own territory. They have all without exception come from roles where a daily commute factored heavily in their lives. This was one reason why they decided to take a long hard look at their life work balance and approach Raring2go! about its established and proven business.

For those who have that entrepreneurial streak coursing through their veins and are perhaps flummoxed on a regular basis by their daily commute, a franchise system like Raring2go! is an affordable, viable and realistic option which more and more people are considering. Now, not everyone is suited to working for themselves and Raring2go! has become pretty adept at discovering early on if its franchise business is right for the individual candidate.

The route to self employment or self empowerment as Raring2go! calls it, requires a bold move, courage, funding of course and a series of factors to align. It also requires a strong desire to work hard and build upon a proven business model with support and encouragement from a committed franchisor.

If you’re approaching a point (or beyond it) where the daily commute is becoming a daily grind, then you’ve got nothing to lose and everything potentially to gain by taking a closer look at our website,

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