It’s never good to be stuck in traffic...

... especially at the end of the working day.  With small children at home I knew that I wouldn’t get home for bedtime.  Again.  I found myself in tears on the motorway.  Again.  It became obvious that my job was negatively impacting on my family situation and something had to change.  In all fairness, for a time things did improve, but ultimately I had to decide what was important for me, and what was best for my family. 

I try to live with the mantra of “change what you can’t live with, and live with what you can’t change”.  It was definitely time to change! 

I first came across Raring2go! at an exhibition – there were various businesses clamouring for attention, but Raring2go! actually stuck out to me because it wasn’t trying to “big itself up”.  The exhibition had a range of parent-friendly opportunities, many offering flexible working opportunities, but it all seemed to be about them.  There were presentations with rafts of glossy brochures, bags, pens and leaflets – all saying why these businesses are great to work for.  With a background in the corporate world with many transferable skills, what about what I want?  Why weren’t these businesses telling me why I would be valuable for them, and what they could do for me? 

Freddie spoke from the heart, offering a home-based, family-friendly, flexible-working opportunity.  Raring2go! is not for everyone, but I immediately knew that it was for me.  Rather than sales booklets and gimmicks on display, they had a range of the Raring2go! magazines that are published up and down the country; the magazines did the talking, so I could see exactly what the business was about.  The head office team were interested not only in what I could offer Raring2go!, but what Raring2go! could do for me.  Although each franchisee owns their own business, areas work co-operatively, so they are passionate about ensuring that new Raring2go! franchisees are the right fit, to enable them to grow their business successfully.

As a working parent, it’s always a juggling act, but it’s almost impossible to also add school events, sick children, Inset days and holidays into the mix.  Running a Raring2go! franchise means that you schedule your own time, and it’s only yourself that you really need to answer to.  School events or appointments are no longer an issue, and it’s also lovely to be able to have a last minute cheeky day off too!   But.. being your own boss is hard.  You need motivation and discipline  The network of Editors are always there to support you, either with a virtual cake and cup of coffee, some sage advice, or just a joke to share.  Head office are very supportive, and with a team of Editors who make up the Franchise Council Forum, who get to air the views of the franchisees, everyone is part of a much larger team.

Is Raring2go! for you?  I can’t say… but if you’re not happy with your work / life balance, then perhaps you need to change with what you can’t live with, and live with what you can’t change.

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