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Raring2go! removes Child Care costs!

Now, I suspect you’re thinking; ‘as he’s the franchisor of Raring2go! he’s bound to say that isn’t he? But please, don’t just take my word for it. Read on and see for yourself just why I think Raring2go! is a beautiful home-based franchise business opportunity for anyone looking to free themselves from the shackles of employment and take control of their working life by electing to not pay a penny in childcare costs…. when our cherubic children are enjoying 13 weeks of school holidays a year!

Is it right that parents (mainly mums) should be penalised for making a choice to have children and wanting to return to work or continue in their chosen career?

When the dilemma facing new parents (mainly mums) is not ‘Can we afford not to return to work’ but rather ‘Can we really afford to work’, we really need to stand back, take stock and admit there is something quite seriously wrong in our system.

This question is asked time and time again by would-be ‘returning to work’ parents (mainly mums) as they realise the rising costs of child care will ultimately hit them almost as hard in the pocket as not returning to work at all!

But how can this be? Isn’t it strange that in these times, parents (mainly mums) are still ‘penalised’ financially for wanting both a family and a career, a career which they have without a doubt worked very hard to build? I’m not looking to enter an ethical or moral debate here about the rights and wrongs of having babies and new mums choosing to return to work… I genuinely believe it is a choice that everyone is free to make, though clearly for some families out there, there really is little or no choice.

Why so? Well, because working, often long hours with a daily commute five days a week seems futile when you then have to pay upwards of £11k pa in ‘child care’ on top of extortionate commuter costs! I won’t even mention the stress of commuting here!!!

That figure of £11,500 per annum in child care costs is per child!

The concept of self employment and running a business from home appeals to many, but is not suited to all. It’s not new or particularly radical but just like any kind of business it needs to tick a few pretty important boxes…. to deliver a discreet income, ensure a positive life work balance and deliver a realistic appreciating asset opportunity.

Raring2go! is a franchise business, a franchise, which is tried, tested and proven. It is a business that has at its heart an attitude and approach to ethical family friendly franchising. We urge you to speak to any of our franchisees and ask this question.

Raring2go! franchisees achieve a decent work life balance; it delivers a lifestyle that suits its franchisees; it offers an excellent ROI; it grows in value with each passing year becoming an appreciating ‘sellable’ asset. It ensures that childcare is delivered by the parents of the child and it removes the cost of childcare almost entirely!

If you’re at that crossroads where you want or need to return to work after the arrival of children, a home based franchise business like Raring2go! is definitely worth a second look. Find out more about the next steps to joining our business here

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