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I took over the Raring2go! Franchise in two areas in 2018 having just had my first baby. The business gave me the opportunity to work flexibly and build the business at my own pace while spending time with my little one. Fast forward 5yrs and my daughter has just started school and I have a successful and profitable business that I love! It fits perfectly around school which ensures I’ve not had to miss her first Christmas nativity or Easter parade and can be there for drop off and pick up everyday. Most importantly I love what I do! I get to meet people from all Troyes of businesses from large, corporate organisations to small, local businesses. After five years I still get the same buzz when a new client comes on board or when I hear success story from one of my regulars. The greatest buzz of all is when you get to see the finished product and hold it in your hands. Raring2go! Is like a big family! Although we are all independent business owners we work as a team and there is as much or as little support as you want from the head office team. Weekly Zoom calls help make you feel like you aren’t alone and you are part of a wider team all with the same goals and pressures. Raring2go! has been a great choice for me and my family. Yes at times it is difficult and owning your own business always comes with pressures but the positives and enjoyment you get from running your own business and being your own boss far out weigh any of that.

Gemma Campbell

Raring2go! Guildford & Surrey Heath
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