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Whoever said Print is dead was wrong!

Primnt advertising isn't dead

Amongst many other things, Raring2go! helps businesses connect with local families. It does so in print and of course online. It does so particularly well. But, if I had a penny for every time I have been told that print advertising is dead, I would be a very wealthy man indeed. For over 15 years now, I’ve been warned that the future lies in other mediums. I disagree.

For the record, print advertising is very much alive and kicking and as ever is punching well above its weight. Pound for pound it’s a heavy weight contender.

Advertising in print is still a highly effective strategy for businesses that seek to reach a specific target audience. While digital advertising has become increasingly popular, print advertising continues to perform. It offers a range of unique advantages and benefits that make it a viable and increasingly valuable marketing tool.

Here is why advertising locally in print really works:
  1. Tangible Presence: People like to touch and feel. Advertisements in magazines like Raring2go! provide a physical presence that digital ads just cannot. Ads in Raring2go! allow businesses to showcase their products or services in a tangible format that readers can hold, feel, and refer back to later. There is an enhanced perception of reliability in a tactile advert too. It creates a stronger connection and engagement with the reader.
  1. Local Targeting: Your local Raring2go! magazine has a defined readership within a specific geographic area. This makes it easier to target and reach a local audience. Businesses prefer to advertise in targeted magazines like ours, because they know we cater to their target market. We ensure their message is delivered directly to the people who are most likely to be interested in their services.
  1. Trust and Credibility: Your local edition of Raring2go! has established a local reputation with its loyal readerships within the community. Parents know us, love us and trust us and so do schools. Business advertising in print with us benefit from this. By advertising in our pages, businesses can leverage the trust and credibility associated with us. They can positively influence our readers perception of their business and often increase the likelihood of them engaging and buying from them.
  1. Limited Competition: When you compare our magazine to the array of digital platforms, you see that print advertising faces less competition. With the explosion of digital advertising, consumers can feel bombarded and battered. The sheer volume of digital advertisements can mean it’s easier for a message to get lost in the digital noise. Print advertising allows businesses to stand out in a less cluttered environment. Doing so they increase their chances of catching a readers eye and converting them from a lead to a customer.
  1. Extended Shelf Life / Staying Power: A print advert in Raring2go! has a longer lifespan compared to a digital ad. Our magazines can stay in circulation for weeks and months. They live in that ‘useful’ drawer, pinned to the family notice board or on top of the coffee table. This staying power give readers ample time to return to us and engage with our advertisements time and again.
  1. Targeted Demographics: Raring2go! has a very clearly defined readership, namely, families of children in primary school. We cater specifically to this demographic which means that advertisers in Raring2go! are able to align their advertising with the interests, hobbies, or lifestyle preferences of their target audience who are also our readers. So, Raring2go! is an ideal platform for all businesses offering children’s products or services in the area.
  1. Increased Attention and Engagement: Adverts in a printed magazine like Raring2go! can capture a readers attention for longer periods compared to online advertisements. When reading a physical publication, readers are more likely to engage in a focused and undisturbed fashion. No alert will suddenly appear on the page you are reading as it could on a screen. This enhances the impact and effectiveness of the advertisement.

Advertising locally in print is a vibrant sector and offers numerous advantages over digital. Some of these advantages are: a tangible presence, local targeting, trust and credibility, limited competition, extended shelf life, targeted demographics, and increased attention and engagement. By properly using print advertising strategically, a local business can effectively promote their offering to an interested local audience, boosting recognition and awareness and most importantly driving customer engagement and conversions.

Print Advertising has helped businesses connect to their local audience for hundreds of years and it’s set to continue doing so for many more years to come.

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