Looking to be your own boss?

You don’t need a background in magazines or publishing to become a successful franchise owner with Raring2go! but you do need to be smart, hardworking, committed and capable of following a proven business system. We'll help you build your business from the ground up with training and ongoing support from a very experienced franchise team.

If you’ve always dreamed of working for yourself and finding a way to keep the work / life balance firmly in your favour, Raring2go! might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

Raring2go! is a franchise, which means that all the local editions of our magazine from Altrincham to Aberdeen are owned and managed by individual franchisees. These amazing people are awarded with exclusive territories in which to grow their own Raring2go! business. They cultivate excellent relationships with local business owners, visitor attractions, leisure centres, schools, holiday parks and a great many others besides, to secure great content and advertising for their magazine.

Why franchise?

According to the annual survey conducted by NatWest and the British Franchise Association, only 20% of new independent businesses starting out today will be operating in five years’ time. However, when it comes to new franchises, they have a success rate of 90%. If you are serious about owning your own business then that has to be a very hard-hitting fact that shines a very attractive light on franchising?

Investing in a franchise means someone has already had the eureka moment, someone has already proven that the idea could become a viable business, someone has created a brand that sells, someone has already created a franchise manual that documents every single aspect of how to replicate that business in another location, someone has put a support team in place that means instead of being all alone when you start your business, you have highly trained people who’s job it is to help you.

Even though you will be your own boss, working from home and running the business your way, you are still part of a wider team. Raring2go! think this is crucial to the success of your business and have developed an in-house system that champions information sharing, support and guidance between franchisees. There is also an active forum for swapping ideas, suggestions, artwork, editorial features as well as business leads.

The Business


As both owner and editor of their magazine, every franchisee has the opportunity to direct the content and bring their own personality and style to each issue. 

Franchisees edit their local magazine, contributing local information, listings of activities and events, feature pages, local adverts, money off vouchers, competitions and special offers for their advertisers. There are also a few adverts from national activity providers, but each franchisee’s intensely local focus is what makes Raring2go! so popular in communities across the country.

With over 50 franchisees across the UK and over 700,000 magazines distributed quarterly, we know how to help you succeed – and just as importantly, we care that you do.

Build relationships with local people

Franchisees sell local advertising and secure content in their magazine and website by building great relationships with nearby businesses, days out and family-friendly attractions. This is helped by the number of advertisers who already love and use Raring2go!

Layout is simple with our templates

Don’t worry if you’ve no previous experience in publishing, design or advertising – that’s where we come in. Your magazines are built on a professional design template and provided to you so your designer can ‘drag and drop’ content simply and easily. 

We handle

the production

All Raring2go! magazines are printed centrally by our print partners, so you needn’t worry about that. All our issues are printed on quality, glossy paper and are delivered to you - ready for your distribution to schools - in fully branded Raring2go! boxes.

Take advantage of online revenue

We’ll show you how to build your audience on your own localised website and through social media channels. Plus, our email newsletters – also with hyper-local content – produce another revenue stream and help you offer your clients maximum exposure.

Read more about our training and support


The Returns

What you can earn with your Raring2go! franchise really is up to you.


It all comes back to that flexibility at the heart of our business. At the top end of the scale, we have a franchisee with a turnover of more than £100,000. But it’s equally true that we have franchisees who have chosen to fit their business around their lives and are happy earning much less, because that’s how they’ve designed their business.


To give you a guide, after the initial hard work of getting started and building your relationships, if you work around 24 hours per week with 13 weeks off for school holidays then you can expect to make £20,000 - £30,000 annually.

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