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The Opportunity

The powerful premise of Raring2go! is to connect local family friendly businesses and events with local families. Initially our franchisees accomplished this with our now iconic quarterly produced print magazine. This is looked upon as the go-to-guide for parents and children across the UK.  However, over the years our offering has expanded significantly and now encompasses website promotion, email marketing campaigns and social media shout outs for local businesses. This multi-channel marketing offering makes the Raring2go! proposition to local businesses compelling. Not only can they promote their business with adverts and features in our printed magazines, they can also take advantage of everything offered online in all its different yet complementary formats.

As a Raring2go! franchisee you benefit because each one of these formats is income generating. And you will find, as our franchisees do now, that most of your customers will be keen to promote themselves online and in print. They will buy packages of promotion and support guided by you as to the best combination and frequency

You will be fully trained and will be supported by our franchisee network too. Each one of our franchisees is an accomplished editor with a keen sense of what works well and a track record, using our successful sales and marketing blueprint on how to approach local businesses with a package of appealing offers. They just love to help new franchisees.

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To get started & join our amazing team

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Our income streams are from our quarterly magazine and our digital platforms including social media.

We bring our printed magazines to life online with an enhanced digital version which is carried as a page turn on our local websites.  


Our franchisees use their printed magazines to whet the appetite of readers and drive them to their websites quoting package deals consisting of adverts in the printed magazines, promotion in the digital space and across their social media feeds. 


You will benefit from head office content support including a variety of centrally sourced material. We have a huge and ever-growing archive of royalty free photos, articles and features available for all our franchisees to use. It all adds up to a winning proposition for local businesses and for you.