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Why mums prefer a home based business

home-based business

In the current economy, it’s impractical for many women to not return to work after having a baby. Read that again!

Not only that, but many women don’t want to be full time mums for years after their children are born and miss the sociability and challenges of the working environment, even in this changed post-pandemic world. Whatever their reason for returning to work, many mums do it but some are finding a good midway point between re-entering the workplace and staying at home: running a home-based business.

Franchises like Raring2go! are a good option for mums wanting to go down this route as they provide the support and community offered by working for a company with the flexibility and autonomy of running your own business.

All our Franchisees have come into Raring2go! for their own reasons, but for many there are some motivators that they all share;

Spend time with the Family

Obviously, a major motivator in mums deciding to run a home-based business is the fact that they get to see much more of their family. It doesn’t take much of a commute to mean that after dinner time, about an hour or so, is the only time working mums get to spend with their children before they have to go to bed. Working from home, even when employed, certainly maximises family time because it negates the commute but, when running a home based business, there is plenty of flexibility to arrange work time around family time.

Significant Savings on Childcare

The financial benefits of being able to choose your own working hours are always high on people’s lists.  Working for yourself allow you to work when you ant to – so no shelling out for extra care for your little ones.


It is this flexibility that is such a clincher for mums who choose this option. Not just flexibility around the family either as parents don’t just forget everything they like doing because they’ve had children. Taking time out to enjoy hobbies and spend time with friends is also easier when you have the flexibility to dictate your own working hours. This time is even more precious when you’re juggling work and looking after children.


Some stay at home parents say they don’t like the feeling of dependence they get when they don’t work and depend on their partner to pay for everything. Running a business is the ultimate feeling of independence as you’re not relying on anyone except yourself.

Attitudes to Working Mums

Sadly, there is still a stigma in some workplaces surrounding mums who go back to work while their children are still young. Even worse, some employers and even co-workers resent the extra flexibility that parents with small children need and rightfully receive. This can make things difficult for people returning to work with young children and lead to that feeling of being ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ where people resent them for going back to work and other people resent them for staying at home and not working.

Running a home-based business is a great solution to this as it avoids these kinds of unhelpful attitudes while giving the parent the fulfilment of running their own business and the flexibility they need to look after their family.

If you have ever thought that being stuck in the daily grind of 9-5 (or normally longer!) might not be right for you then we might be able to help.

Raring2go! is a publication and franchise opportunity designed specifically for parents who want all these benefits but not the stress of running a business completely by themselves. Our network of franchisees support each other as well as receiving support from head office. There are Facebook and Whatsapp groups and forums where they can chat and share ideas or problems. A well supported franchise like this is ideal for stay at home parents who want to run a home-based business but are not sure where to start. To find out exactly what it would involve, call 01273 447101, email us at – or complete this quick form – We really would love to speak with you.

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