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They say that timing is everything!

Is NOW the right time to invest in a Raring2go! franchise? We think it is and here’s why.

Work-Life Balance

Depending on your needs, desires and aspirations a Raring2go! franchise could offer you a better work-life balance. Raring2go! is structured to allow our franchises to work around family commitments, if they choose to. Compared to employment and many other business ventures, Raring2go! is miles ahead in this respect. Work it following our systems and benefit from 13 weeks holidays … at the same time as your children.

Support and Training

Not done anything like this before, don’t worry, we have and we’ve got the answers to your questions. We provide full training, ongoing support and access to resources that help you navigate the challenges of running your Raring2go! franchise. We also offer training on sales, marketing, content creation, and other essential aspects of the franchise. There’s no additional cost for this either. It’s part of the initial Franchise Purchase Fee.

Established Brand

We are an established, respected and well-known brand that’s been around for over 17 years. Our focus is on family-oriented content and services and families know what to expect from our magazine and website pages. Joining an established franchise like Raring2go! can provide you with a brilliant head start as you’ll benefit from brand recognition and awareness. It’s nice when a prospective client says ‘yeah, I know Raring2go!… my daughter used to bring it home from Primary school’ (we get that a lot)

Excellent Income Potential

Our business can provide an excellent income, depending of course on how many hours a week you can commit to it. Remember, we are a flexible franchise which means you decide how much or how little you work. Clearly, the more hours you work the more income you will create. We know what revenue can be generated from a 20 hour working week and a 40 hour working week. We will happily share this financial information with you upon completion of a NDA.

Growing Family Market

If you live in an area with a growing population of young families, there will be significant demand for family-related information, events, and services. With our niche focus on family focussed content, we are in a prime position to serve this market well. Local businesses will recognise this too and want to be in our magazines and on our websites.

Community Engagement

Raring2go! franchisees build strong, enduring relationships with local businesses, organisations and communities. If you enjoy networking and community engagement, this aspect of the franchise should be really appealing. You will become a local community sign post and a relied upon and reliable resource for local families.

Changing Media Landscape

Print isn’t dead far from it in fact as it’s very much alive and kicking and applauded by a huge following. However the shift toward digital media consumption and the integration of online with offline marketing strategies aligns with our approach and strategy. This potentially make it more relevant and adaptable in today’s media landscape.

Flexible Business Model

Raring2go! is a structured yet flexible business model. We combines digital, print media and social media. We know our audience demands this and  it allows us to reach them in different ways. We present them a choice and become the go-to for local businesses who are looking to connect with local family consumers in these various ways. We remain contemporary.

Proven Systems

A franchise like ours has a proven track record with established systems and processes. We’ve been around for long enough to tweak and fine tune our processes so they work best. This reduces the learning curve for new franchisees and increases their chances of success, when compared to starting a business from scratch.

Diversified Revenue Streams

As a Raring2go! franchisee, you have the opportunity to generate revenue from advertising partnerships, event sponsorships, and other collaborations with local businesses via your magazine and website. We are frequently looking at innovative ways to add to these streams and incorporate new rev-gen activity. We find our franchisees are a great source of inspiration.  

Comprehensive Start-Up package

We believe you need a comprehensive start up package to get your business off to a flying start. Our package  is second to none and pound for pound represents exceptional  value. CLICK HERE to see what we provide in our start up. We also provide introductions to High Street Banks with franchise expertise and independent funders too like BizBritain.

If NOW is the right time for you to launch a Raring2go! franchise please Get In Touch We’d really like to hear from you.

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