“I work the hours I want and I earn great money doing a job I love”

Lisa White – Editor Raring2go! Bedford

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Raring2go! is the definitive, guide to what to do and where to go for families with children.

Local Magazines, distributed direct to parents via school book bags are, supported by a national web presence, giving great coverage to local and national businesses alike. 

Run by local editors Raring2go! it offers flexibility to work around your kids, (including taking the holidays off) and the ability to earn “proper” money for the time you want to put in.

We believe we have put together THE BEST Franchisee Support Package in the industry, including covering the all the production costs of the first magazine.

If you are looking for a change and more control in your life then downloading our info pack is a great place to start.

High Quality Local Magazines Produced By Independent Editors Supporting Their Local Community


I was really struggling to find the right work life balance in my last job…

I’d fallen out of love with what I did, and I was really missing spending more time with my two children.

I desperately wanted to find a more child friendly career, where I could still work hard but where i was in charge of my time and so could be there for my kids.

Raring2go! has turned out to be the perfect answer.  It really couldn’t have gone any better.  I was worried that I didn’t have the right experience, especially sales experience, but the support, guidance and “hands on” help Raring2go! offer is amazing.

I love what I do, I see my kids and I make excellent money for the time I chose to put in.

Raring2go lets me have the freedom I need to concentrate on the things that matter to me while also being able to run a profitable business that fits in around my time and my life.

Vicky Norman

Editor, Raring2go! Sunderland

Great support and low overheads…

I had worked in media, events and advertising sales previously so a magazine publishing franchise was a natural choice, I researched Raring2go! and was really impressed with what I found.

I now have the support of a national network and because the magazine itself is of a very high quality it is not hard to sell advertising space. The business is very flexible in terms of hours, the overheads are low so the rewards can be what you want them to be.

The level of support both from head office and from other franchise owners has been great.   I would certainly recommend the franchise to others as it offers a good work life balance.  If you put the hard work in during the first 12 months and build up relationships with clients then you’ll get the results you want.

Chris Cummings

Editor Raring2go!, Brighton, Brentwood and Billericay

Profit Levels are great!

I was made redundant and I found Raring2go! and it really appealed to me as it allows me to have much more flexibility so I can spend more time with my two children.

“So far it could not have gone much better, profit levels are great and I am getting new customers coming on board all the time. I have advertisers who have been with me since I started and quite a few on annual deals. It’s also nice thinking you are giving the local family community a service they can really benefit from, everyone I speak to is so positive and responsive about it, I know if I wasn’t editing the magazine I would be using it to see what is going on for my kids.

“The training and on-going support has been excellent,  I would definitely recommend a Raring2go! franchise to anyone who is considering it, it’s the best decision I have ever made. It gives you so much flexibility to work around your family life, and is also very rewarding both financially and personally.”

Penny Beddows

Editor Raring2go! , Sutton Coldfield

We now have 49 Editors across the country.

Over 1 million magazines have been produced


Most of my business has come from advertising through Raring2go!

When starting my business three years ago, I approached Raring2go! to advertise. The rates where very reasonable and the service is excellent.  I would not hesitate to recommend this magazine to anyone wanting to build and maintain a business which relies attracting young people and families to your service.

Sandra Hill

The World Outside

‘Raring2go! has been a fantastic partner to work with since 2010.

Raring2go! is a very effective platform for us to market our family holidays. It helps us speak to a new customer base and encourages them to book a break or family holiday with Haven. The channel is perfect for reaching parents, the team at Raring2go! are superb to work with and the results have been great.

Sarah Clark

Marketing Manager, Haven Holidays

For return on investment, Raring2go! has always proved the most profitable.

We offer a free child return on all adverts,  and out of all the marketing we do, Raring2go! easily brings the most back!

Julie Nicholls

General Manager, Rays Farm

Our magazines are delivered to schools who put a copy in each child’s book bag.  

So we know they get seen – which our advertisers love.

85% of readers keep hold of the magazine until the next issue comes out or until the vouchers expire (which is usually in 3 months) 


2 Way Candidate Selection

We are really careful who we work with.  It’s as much about them being right for the opportunity as it is the opportunity being right for them.   That may sound big headed, but we’ve been round the block a bit and know what it takes to make this particular opportunity work.  So we don’t work with people just because they have a cheque book, we work with people that we know we can help turn their drive into a business that gives them the results they want.

Industry Leading Training and Support

Training info

Our Industry leading taring and support give you everything you need to make your business what you want it to be.

  • Full, face to face,  induction training delivered at our head office
  • A comprehensive and continuously updated manual
  • Practical, ongoing support from our team and regular meetings with other Editors to keep you motivated and on track
  • Your own bespoke Magazine Management Sustem AND Client Relationship management system, (easy to use and a BIG saving on your costs)
  • Design skills, marketing and social media training.
  • Regular refresher training

Incredible Start up Package

What’s included…

We’ve put together an initial support package that covers the lot – so you ca get on and make your first magazine great (and profitable) which means your business can start on the best possible foundations

  • Exclusive Territory
  • 6 month licence fee free period
  • We’ll cover the FULL production costs of your first magazine
  • Pre – configured computer and 22″ monitor ready to go with pre-loaded software plus all your emails set up and acces to the Editor’s portal
  • Complete high quality stationery pack, inc. business cards presentation folder and branded merchandise
  • Your own bespoke magazine management system AND client relationship management system (easy to use and a BIG saving on your costs)

To discover what else is included, what is really involved and what you could earn, just grab a copy of our free information pack now.


Four Editors share their story.  Whilst it’s not quite Jeremy Paxman, you’ll get to hear first hand what they do day to day and how they manage their business around their life and children.

Discover what’s involved, what you can earn and what it takes to run a successful Raring2go! business by downloading the information pack.

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Like all the best things in life it starts with a chat.  Trish is our lady that knows the most about Raring2go!  She is the head of our Franchisee Network and is about the loveliest person you’ll ever meet. Freddie is the boss and is always happy to answer any questions he can and talk you through any part of the business you’d like to talk about.  But are whole team are always happy to chat.

So if you have any questions, would like to find out more or just want an initial chat to see what it’s all about give us a call or drop us an email,

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