How to Choose the Right Franchise

What to do when choosing a franchise to invest in Well, hello there. Chances are, you’ve found this post because you’re looking to invest in a franchise We don’t blame you, either. Fact is, buying a franchise is one of the least risky ways to set up and run a successful business of your own. It can bring about genuine freedom, and a wide variety of opportunities that enable you to live the life you

What’s it like to be a Raring2go! editor?

Taking the leap to running your own Franchise business is always a daunting one, (we should know we have helped over 50 people do just that). You can (and you should) do a lot of research into both the company, the opportunity and the market but there is often one question that needs answering above all others and it is one that no amount of reading will actually answer…. What is it REALLY like? What does

A letter from our M.D.

So if you’re reading this I’m not going to beat around the bush here, I’ve got 7 questions for you. Are you; Tired of working long hours for not a lot of money? Done in physically and mentally by the daily commute? Sick of never being at home because you’re working? Desperate to spend more time with your family? Looking to address the work / life balance? Ready to take on the challenge of working

How Affordable is Franchising

How affordable is franchising to you?   If you’re looking into franchising and preparing to make a great leap forward, there are a number of things you need to consider and size up before you jump. A big one of those is affordability.   Chances are, you’re looking at franchising as an opportunity to take control in your life, and to earn money doing something that is both enjoyable and challenging. And yes – franchising

Don’t be afraid to start your own business.

Have you found yourself mulling over whether or not you could star a business? Has this been something you’ve been considering for a while? Now here’s another question for you – why haven’t you taken any decisive action yet? What’s holding you back from getting that business started? What are you afraid of? If there’s a fear that’s stopping you from making those first steps into the world of entrepreneurship then don’t worry – you’re

Is there no such thing as a job for life anymore?

It’s been said for quite some time now, but the days of a ‘job for life’ are behind us. That’s not to make a drama out of the current job scene, it’s more a statement that shows how things have evolved. A survey carried out by pension firm LV= found that workers starting careers today are likely to move through as many as nine different jobs during their working lives, and experience at least one

How to choose a franchise that suits your skills and goals

If you’re on the look-out for the right franchise opportunity, it can feel like a bit of a minefield. As you carefully step over or around each opportunity that comes your way, you might find yourself a little baffled as to which one is going to work for you. The best place to start is to take a breath and ask yourself a couple of questions.  By doing so, you’ll narrow the field down and

How to work – and break – smarter. It’s all about balance.

So As we come toward the end of the year and people look back on what they have done, can you say you got the balance right in 2016?  But what is the right balance?  Here’s a couple of questions for you – what’s the right amount of work to do in a day? And how much downtime should you be factoring in too?  Is it all about ploughing through the whole eight hours of

It’s a sign…

It’s a sign! It’s time to start your own business! We’ve all been there. Sat working at your desk and watching the clock, waiting for the time to go home. Or worse still sat in your sofa on a Sunday night and wishing you didn’t have to go back to the office tomorrow.  The hands seem to go ever slower, and you start to wonder just how on earth you ended up there in the

The Rise of the Mumpreneur

Some people really dislike the word, but for many it sums them up perfectly.  Either way you can’t ignore the rise of the Mumpreneur.  If becoming a ‘mumpreneur’ is something you’re considering, then you’ll find yourself in amongst some very good company here in the UK. For the uninitiated, it’s a term being applied to female business owners who also happen to own and run their own businesses while simultaneously being the mothers to children aged 18